Wednesday, April 28, 2010


whoops! I posted the wrong link for D beauty, the correct one is here. I also corrected it in my review so you can click there as well.
Its not like I forgot, but lately, I've been so amazed at my daughter. I know she's wonderful, and perfect and cute, but somehow she still manages to blow me away with her sweet smile, or a cute hug, or falling asleep in my arms. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but thank goodness!
I'm going shopping for a wedding tommorow. I need a dress, cause the only nice one I could wear is black, and thats taboo. So wish me luck in finding something cheap and nice. I hate clothes shopping. I loved it when I looked better, but now its just kind of demoralizing.
I'm working on getting back into shape. Bella and I have a picnic lunch and walk it off in the park every day. I'm watching calories, and all that boring stuff. I haven't seen any improvement from it, but hopefully I will soon. I blame breastfeeding for now. The good thing is if Bella's with me, no one looks twice at me cause she's perfect :D
The husband has finals next week, so things are about to become very fun in my house. Stressed out daddy's + teething baby makes for an irritable me.
Wish us all luck

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  1. Oh how cute she is! :)

    The weight loss will come with time. Don't get too discouraged. I always ended up getting on weight watchers for a bit after having mine and then once I lost what I wanted to I would stop. I was on it a couple of times.
    Good luck. :)


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