Friday, April 16, 2010


A word to the wise. Babysitting or nannying is not the cheap alternative to daycare. It never will be. The babysitters who are willing to charge the same rates as daycares, run in-home daycares with 7-10 kids in them. Better ratios than daycares, but if you are looking for individualized attention for your child, be prepared to pay at least minimum wage for it, and I would think a little more.

The people I’ve been interviewing with who are looking for full time care for their infants, seem really surprised when I don’t jump to meet the daycares $100 dollar a week rate. Ideally, I’d like to make $250 a week. Add in a sibling, and I’d like to make that $300. Is that expecting too much? I’m really curious here. What would be an acceptable rate if you want something better than daycares?

Should I lower my price and take more kids? No... I’ve already decided the most children I would take is three, and that’s only if there are siblings involved. One to two children (again with the sibling clause) full time, with one position available for part time kids. Like this adorable two year old I watch for a few hours on Tuesdays. I can hold out and wait for the right people. I’m in a position right now where I can wait for the right person. So I will. Maybe once fall rolls around, and all the teenagers and students looking for extra cash drop off the radar, I’ll be able to find the right client for me.

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