Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Ok, I've been converted. A lot of my friends cloth diaper, and I've been curious, but not really wanting to go through the hassle. But our savings account is dwindling down, and I'm feeling less confident about our finances. (The summer is always tight, its the longest distance between semesters) so I figured, why not give them a try. The independently owned diaper store here offers a trial program, so there's no financial risk in trying, and even if there was, I can buy all the diapers I need for a few months worth of disposables, so if nothing else I can tough it out if I just hate it.
I tried fuzzy bunz one size diaper, and I love it. I like the snap closures, because I've witnessed enough bib chains in the laundry to not want that to happen with my diapers. I like how much you can adjust the size, you can change the leg size, the back size, and the front size by adjusting the elastic inside the diaper. I would prefer an all in one diaper as opposed to having to stuff her inserts in the diaper, but not enough to sacrifice any of the other features I like.
I put the diapers on, and remove the inserts and toss them both into my wet bag when shes done. About once a day I have to rinse off a diaper for the obvious reasons, but thats not really that bad. Half the time those diapers leak when I use disposables so I'm used to rinsing things off.
The diaper feels damp when shes used it, but like like leaky damp, it just feels cooler, so I know its time to change her. I haven't noticed any leaks, and they look so cute on her.
I bought eight diapers, and a wet bag. I want twelve diapers, but I've spent my budget, so my next few blog posts will be diaper giveaways.
Enjoy :)

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