Friday, January 15, 2010

My Pal Violet

I'm not getting paid for my opinion, I wish I was. I wasn't even asked to write these reviews, I'm just doing it for fun. Bella has tried a lot of new things in the last three months, and I'm going to spend the next blog or two talking about them.

Most recent toy is Violet. Violet is technically intended for 6 month olds, but Bella loves Violet. Violet was plugged into our computer and given Bella's name, favorite color, favorite food (milk is sadly not an option) and favorite animal. Violet talks, sings, and plays with Bella using a variety of personal information. You can print off coloring sheets and activities for violet online as well.
Bella stares and stares at violet. She tries to eat her, coos to her, and grabs at her. It's the most I've seen her interact with a toy... ever.

It's awesome

Bella's other top rated toys include:
Tummy time mat, by bright starts, its actually more of an activity center shaped like a flower with the arches of toys over it. Bella just stares and stares at the big yellow flower that sings, and rolls over to see it.
Winnie the pooh swing. She loves the mobile, and she falls asleep in like a minute. I love the different speed settings on the swing, and its very sturdy.
Bright starts car seat toy bar, Bella bats at it the whole trip. I think she's playing with it... I hope she's not just annoyed that its in her face


  1. That would have been an awesome paid review.

    Maybe you should consider doing them.

  2. That's cute!

    Following you from MBC. You can hop in my blog

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    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. I would love to do paid reviews, how do you get hired for that?
    Thanks Olah Momma!


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