Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well we are not renewing out insurance with Kaiser. We are having to seek another company. The rates just rose too much and we can't keep up. I'm surprisingly sad about this. I mean I knew I loved that insurance, and the doctor and everything about it really, but still, it's not like we're going without.
Kaiser has been good to me, but it hasn't been exactly honest. I said nothing when their 100% maternity coverage charged me one-thousand-five-hundred dollars for the hospital room, delivery, doctor, and anesthesia, because I was so impressed with the whole experience. Between different family emergencies I've spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting over the last few years, and I've never seen a more positive and responsive staff as I had. It was worth it.
I do take issue with their "free coverage for children under age 2." It says on my plan my daughters well baby visits are free and her regular checkups are $25. What they don't tell you is that it's "free" after you add your child to the plan, boosting your premium up $150 a month.
With that added charge, and the $100 rise in the premium for this year, we couldn't renew.
The facilities and staff are wonderful, the language is a little tricky, but I should have known better than to take what was written at face value, and read deeper into the plan. It's actually worth the money, we just don't have it.
I wish we did. Now to hunt for another doctor for my baby.


  1. That stinks that you have to find another doctor. Maybe you could find another plan that the doctor you love so much is on? Just a suggestion (unless they only accept one form of insurance.) Good luck!

  2. I wish, the great thing about kaiser is when you go to a kaiser center everyone in the building is covered under your insurance, every test they offer is covered and every drug they stock in the pharmacy is covered. You show your card at the front desk and can visit doctors, specialist, shrinks, or the lab. Unfortunately you have to have the insurance to be seen at a kaiser facility.
    I'm upset about losing the insurance but it's for the best. The premiums keep rising higher and higher, and not small ammounts either, and their facilities are further away than is ideal for emergencies and the like. I'll find her a new doctor and i'm sure the doctor will be just as nice as hers. My husband and I are both set for doctors visits for the year so the situation may change by the time we need another physical and when im sick I don't care who I see. I think I'm feeling a deep sentimental attachment with kaiser because they were there every step of the way for my pregnancy. But I'm not plannig on having anymore children, and if I did we would go back to them no questions asked it would be worth the money.

  3. I pray that you'll find an equally good doctor.


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