Monday, January 4, 2010

Dog Poop

I never have inbetween neighbors. My neighbors either always suck, or are the greatest people ever. Two of my former neighbors from apartments we've lived in are great friends of ours. Both are expecting new babies in February, and we visit both everytime we go through Atlanta.
Before that we had the crazy cat lady who would come to my shop every day and ask for office supplies, the couple who lived below us who called the police every night because we were too loud walking from one room to another (even when we weren't home) and had us terrified to turn on the television because if conversations and walking were too much, god forbid we actually have music playing or watch a movie in our living room, and the neighbors who lived in the haunted house next to my mothers (each resident left under mysterious circumstances, more on that later)
Here, we have a whole new catagory of crappy neighbors. There's the college kids who live below us, who play drunk tag on the staircase at 3:00 am, and listen to the radio in their car loudly at night, but then bang on the ceiling when the baby cries in the am hours.
There's the people who live across from us who lock their 2 year old outside when he's bad, and listen to him pound on his door screaming for an hour (most likely only 10 minutes, but it feels like an hour) and there's the dog poop lady who lets her dogs pee on our rug, and poop on the stairs, and sidewalk, even though there are bushes right by her door, and a whole wooded area five feet away that the dog can happily poop in without getting in anyones way. The same dogs who are in a cage all day or something because every minute they are inside howl, and the same woman who listens to loud basey music at all hours of the night, and always parks in the front parking spot.
I think there is a special place in hell for inconsiderate neighbors. If I believed in karma and past lives, I'd wonder if I was in that special place right now, and what I ever did to deserve these people to live on my planet, much less in my building?


  1. It really sucks when you have neighbours who are inconsiderate. Hope you'll have better luck the next time you move.

  2. Happy New Year.
    We , all, do meet such "nasties"as neighbours , at least once in life. Sad.
    I am following from 533 Follow Me Club, MBC.
    I followed your blog on the list ,weeks ago, but you did not return my follow.

  3. Thanks :)
    Tina thanks for the comment and the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog. Sorry for the delay


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