Sunday, January 24, 2010

My new haircut

I've been spending frivolously the last few days and loving it. I've gotten my hair cut, ordered contacts, and bought a few new clothes. The spending must stop... tommorow, but in the meantime I'm feeling a lot more human. I forget how much I don't like wearing glasses until I have contacts. They make my face feel oily where the little nose holder things are.
As for my hair, I didn't actually want to cut it. It was down past my bra, and looking pretty long, but the ends felt like straw, so it had to be trimmed. The trimming took it to three or four inches past shoulder length... upper mid back I guess, but it looks so much healthier!
The eye doctor let me try on all the colored contacts. I'm really considering ordering a box of blue contacts, but its so much more expensive for such a small cosmetic effect. Contacts I can order without feeling too bad, but colored contacts... meh
The biggest spending I did was the most needed. I got mirena. I needed to before I switched insurance, and since my deductible has been met with Kaiser we are all cramming as much medicine as we can get until the first. My husband and I both had our physicals, the baby is scheduled for her checkup, and there will be no more babies for at least five years. We also have dental cleanings and eye exams (hence the contacts) and everything else our insurance offers us a discount on.
I feel so old, getting excited about eye exams and physicals.
If it's not raining Bella and I will be going to infant playtime at the library tommorow :D


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