Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mea Culpa

I have spoken to the commenter in the previous post who works for autozone, and have learned that autozone does in fact sell used batteries for $20, legitimately. The employee I spoke to was either joking, or it is highly likely I misunderstood entirely. My apologies to autozone and autozone employees.
The keyboard for my mac is no longer functioning, so I'm not going to be able to put more photos of Bella up until we buy a replacement.
My husband has spent the last week doing his mandatory volunteer work for pharmacy school with the red cross at various blood drives. The last two, on New Years Eve, and New Years, were at the mall of Georgia. Bella and I accompanied him for his shifts and spent the last two days shopping. Well window shopping, as we can't afford to buy much, but I did purchase two baby books by Karen Katz at the Waldenbooks that is going out of business.
I hate it when bookstores close :( It makes me feel guilty. Guilty because most of the time I go into book stores, browse for books, and sit in the coffee shop with a snack and a hot chocolate and read my iphone's kindle application.
I love books, but they take up so much space, and are several dollars more than the kindle versions. We're planning on moving summer of 2012, and then again in 2013, so I'm very aware of how much space things are taking up. Everything in the storage closet is already packed, boxed and labled, and next year as we use things (Holiday decorations and the like) we will be packing those up. As is my books take up tremendous ammounts of space, and I can't justify taking up anymore.
Bella's books I can justify. She's a baby, she can't read kindle yet, but when she can, she'll get kindle books. It's just easier. I've spent the last year donating books I'll never read again to the library, keeping books I want for Bella to read one day and packing them up, and replacing any torn or worn books on my kindle, and replacing any books I have with free kindle downloads. I've cut my bookshelves down from three shelves to one. One shelf was broken so we got rid of it, and the other we use for Bella's books and toys. I've kept anything autographed, and sentimental, other than that my bookshelf is getting slimmer and slimmer. I have to keep evaluating my book shelf, because my husband keeps getting textbooks from pharmacy school that he needs to keep. It's been going great, and there is so much less clutter in my house already that it's amazing. I like packing as we go.
But I still feel guilty when I'm at bookstores. I support their coffee shops at least, and their childrens sections, but how many other people like me are switching to electronic readers? I was sad enough watching the downfall of the independant book store, but bookstores in general? It's depressing.


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  2. I know exactly what you mean 'cos I spend a lot of time in bookstores too.

  3. Yeah I have never really thought about Kindle taking over, but I can see that happening. I hear a lot of people are switching to it. We do not have Kindle and purchase most of our books online.

  4. It's great. I have it on my phone, and I can read in car when my husbands driving and its dark, because the screen lights up. And if I'm ever at an appointment thats taking forever I can just buy a new book or read an old one, my whole library is with me all the time.
    It's got to be killing bookstores though, and that makes me sad.


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