Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visiting the doctor... again

Yesterday I went to the doctor. Now they don't think I'm going to need to induce, because they think I'm predisposition to high blood pressure because I was already heavy when I got pregnant. While I can't deny that, I did point out that prior to pregnancy my blood pressure was 110/70 according to the medical record they provided. "Well that was a year ago," yes... and I've been pregnant 9 months.
What's odd is that my bp spiked the minute I got pregnant. It went from being 110/70 to 127/85 which wasn't high enough for anyone to note in my first trimester, but looking back they can say "oh it was already high," now that my bp is 137/92. I don't know whether to hope they are right or wrong. On the one hand if my bp drops back to its 110/70 level after I have the baby it'll mean I don't have a health problem to worry about for now. I mean I'm overweight, but I'm healthy. My bp was good, my cholesterol is super low, my kidney and liver function are apparently "fantastic" when the doctors look at all those numbers they seem surprised at how good of shape I'm in... considering how bad of shape I'm in.
I think my body just likes to put on weight. I was a heavy kid, then 10th grade happened, and I randomly lost a lot of weight. I was the absolute lowest number for my weight range that I could be in a healthy way. Then I graduated, and the pounds slowly started to creep back on. My problem is I never change my habits. I went from being about 150 in the ninth grade, to 117 in the tenth, to nearly 200 a few years after high school. No change in diet, no change in exercise (mainly because I don't... diet or exercise) pregnancy made me drop weight (which means my blood pressure going up was double weird) and I've only just recently gotten past where I was when I started, and I'm not gaining anymore. I've gained about 18 pounds, but that's been consistent for my last several appointments.
I have this fantasy that when I have the baby my body will start doing whatever it did right in high school, since breast feeding is supposed to make you lose weight. I may never weigh what I did in High School again, but maybe I can get closer, and then actually start to diet and exercise. I mean I'll have a kid, I'm sure I'll be running around all day like crazy.
Anyhow, so now the doctor isn't as worried, and I don't know whether to be or not. On the one hand, if they are right my baby isn't in any danger, but my health is starting to decline, on the other, if they're wrong, I have good blood pressure on my own but my baby is in danger, and they aren't inducing.
To be fair, my doctors are awesome. Just because they aren't that concerned about my bp doesn't mean they aren't taking it seriously. I'm supposed to visit twice a week now to keep monitoring everything, and they keep taking my blood and checking my urine, and monitoring swelling and asking about any other potential symptoms. (No, I don't get headaches or blurry vision.) So I don't suppose it really matters what they think is causing the elevated bp, as long as they are being vigilant in checking.
So yesterday they checked my weight, bp, and temperature (same, high, it always runs a little low) then they checked my cervix (0 dilation, baby is head down, 35% effaced) then they did an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels, which were great, (anything less than 5 is low, 5-9 is in range, I'm at a 13, and I guess being high isn't a bad thing since the doctor was happy about it) then they put the baby on the heart rate monitor, which the baby happily kicked the crap out of for 20 minutes (internal bruising is fun! actually it was pretty funny so I don't mind) then they did lots of blood work to test my liver function, kidney function, and do a CBC. I'm still anemic, but everything else looks great.
I also got the flue shot, regular, not swine, swine flue shot may not be available until after I have the baby :(. Sad face due to fact that it means I may not get it since pregnant women have priority. I'd like to get it because then I'd pass immunity on to the baby and have one less thing to worry about, but at least I'm safe from the regular flue. My husband got his flue shot to, which he was less than thrilled about. For a future pharmacist, he hates medicine. Seriously, getting him to take a Tylenol when he has a headache is a very difficult task, and he's always so surprised when twenty minutes later he feels better.
I've got so much to do today to prepare for tommorow. We have to be at court to tie up the last bit of business stuff before taxes at 9:30 am tommorow. Court is about 2 hours away, so we're going to Atlanta to stay with friends tonight. After court I have yet another doctors appointment, and then its on our way home. So today I need to double up on work so I don't fall behind tommorow, make sure the house is clean in case they do induce me and my MIL comes over, and we need to get our tires aligned and balanced. Apparently my husband is nesting because he's REALLY worried about us getting into a wreck and dying if we don't align and balance our tires TODAY. Before we drive to Atlanta. I will most likely not post tommorow, but Thursday I'll have a new doctors appointment update.

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