Thursday, September 24, 2009

TV Rant

I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday. Not because I was in labor or anything exciting, but because my husband had a major test to study for a needed the computer. So I napped, and watched TV.
I’ve always gotten a little over involved in my television shows. I think it’s the consequence of having that English: Creative Writing degree. I know too much about plots and character development not to pick it apart. My common complaint is “I could have written it better.” Of course it’s unlikely I could have come up with the idea in the first place, but if the writers came to me I would stop them from screwing everything up.
I’m not full of myself at all ;).
Being pregnant has not cured this tendency. It has made it worse. I am now over involved with television shows, and commercials. Commercials bother me more than ever before. Like the e-harmony commercials where some forty year old talks about how his mom told him about the site. Who would think that was good marketing? Or the Olive Garden commercial where the mom and son go out to dinner and the son looks like a dear caught in the headlights the entire time. Of course there are happy commercials to. I have to watch the new windows 7 commercial every time it comes on, you know, the one with the little girl and the slide show?
But shows… that’s where I get way too over involved. I’m upset with Supernatural. I love that show, I’ve watched every episode, recently thanks to DVD’s, and I’m so angry with the character progression.
Dean is not being a consistent character. He’s all holier-than-thou about Sam’s psychic powers, when in reality his character is so Machiavellian that he would just be happy for a useful weapon against demons. It irritates me, and the writers of the show knew something was wrong, but they either couldn’t figure out what, or really wanted Dean to be right because then they wrote the psychic powers as a drug addiction metaphor. WTF? When has this ever been a good metaphor? Buffy? Nope… it sucks, I hate drugs in television anyway, and that’s why I watch this genre as opposed to say soap operas or high school drama. It’s why I lost patience with House.
So anyway, now Dean was right, and Sam’s a jerk, and “can’t be forgiven.” Um… why? So he used demon drug laced powers… Dean started the apocalypse. Their father had major parental issues, and their mother made a bargain with a demon. Every single character in the show has done something unforgivable, yet it’s no big deal. Sam kills a demon and now he’s a jerk? The forces of heaven, hell, and humanity were all gun-ho for killing Lillith, even Dean.
Since when was Supernatural so black and white anyway? The show was written in the gray. The main characters commit crimes and steal identities, but they’re doing good things, so it’s a gray area. The things they kill are all either human or were human once, but it’s a gray area because of mitigating factors. Why is this different?
I loved the new episode of House. My only nitpicking thing with that is House is too full of himself and too smart to fall for a woman who gave a mental patient here keys and got in the car with him. Lady! WTH? I could believe the whole affair, I didn’t like it, and thought it was kind of dumb, but the “Hi, we just met, why yes you can take my car.” Thing, I can’t. Women are trained from birth not to do something that stupid.
Anyhow, that is my tv/commercial rant.

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