Saturday, September 26, 2009

37 Weeks!

Ok, so I won't actually be 37 weeks pregnant until tommorow, but still. I can't believe I finally made it to term :D.
I went to the doctors yesterday, and they don't like my blood pressure, but they said it wasn't bad enough to induce :(. Ok, a frown there isn't a good idea... I shouldn't want to induce, I shouldn't want to have the baby before the baby is ready. And really, I don't, I want the baby to come at the best time for it, not for me. But I hate it when the doctors tease me like that. If I can be induced safely and need to be, do it, if not, don't mention it AT ALL, it just makes the weeks go by slower, and I didn't actually think that was possible.
I also got a flue shot, thanks Doc, point out how close I was to being done with this pregnancy, and then stick me with a needle. I love you to. Actually, I really do love my doctors, they're so great. They answer my email questions, and they don't mind when I call them at three in the morning (well call the health line) to ask about my latest weird pregnancy symptom.
Last night my hands and feet kept falling asleep. I was not laying on my back, and was not putting any weight on the affected hand or foot (it kept changing) I would wake up, move it around a little, and fall back to sleep. Also my joints are sore. My hands, feet, knees, everything is sore. I woke up this morning and couldn't unbend my middle finger.
According to the doctors, this means the baby is leaning on my nerves? And according to the great powers of google and ask yahoo, it could also have something to do with fluid retention. It should cure upon delivery, but man would it be nice for delivery to happen before I get full blown pregnancy induced arthritis (if that exists)
Also, most likely tmi, but getting LOTS of Brandon Hicks contractions, and in restroom very frequently for bm, and urinating frequently. It makes sleeping at night hard, but that's not new.
Later today I'm going shopping for a newborn baby picture outfit, and the final piece of baby proofing hardware we need to baby proof the storage closet door closed. I also have to grocery shop. I have this crazy idea that once everything is packed for the hospital, and the house is clean, and we have a fully stocked fridge my water will break... of course with the way the weather is looking now that will happen, and I'll deliver in the car because the roads will close...

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