Friday, March 12, 2010

Going to Columbus

Well it's not the beach, but it is a vacation! I'm heading to Columbus for the weekend for a much needed break.
Meanwhile, I have some things to think over.
I have decided to start a babysitting service. Why not? I've taught preschool, I have a baby, this way I could stay home. I have one potential client for Monday's, and I've already gotten a response to my craigslist ad for two more potentials earlier Monday-Friday.
With this in mind, and the fact that our current apartment has some unfixable issues and our apartment is sorry about that, so we're getting upgraded to another building. Next weekend. Yay! This other apartment is a little bigger, and much more suitable for babysitting. People can pull right up to the door, you don't have to go upstairs to get in, and we have a washer dryer connection and a little patio.
So I thought I had it all figured out, when suddenly a preschool I put my resume in at earlier called and offered me a job starting asap. Bella can come, but she has to stay in the baby room, and it's an eight hour day. State funded, so state paid, which means a decent salary, and its a contract job meaning I'm promised the job for at least a year.
Great! Except fort the ASAP thing... Bella's no where near ready for daycare. She won't take bottles, she's been held by me like 24/7, and she doesn't sleep well in cribs, we co-sleep most of the time.
They need someone now, the state requires they fill the position within 15 days so they stay in ratio. I'm all for starting in the fall, they may have a position for fall, I should know Monday, but starting Monday.... I couldn't. Fall would give me time to prepare Bella a bit better. And besides, over the summer this babysitting thing could really take off... I'd much rather stay home with the baby. It looks like a great preschool, and the baby room is great, but... I want to be with her all day. It's just a thing, I've always said if I have kids I want to be a stay at home mom. And yes, when my husband finishes pharmacy school that will be a much more viable option.
I can get by till fall, honestly I can get by until my husbands done with pharmacy school. It would just be safer to have a job. More steady... and in this economy stability is a gift. I'm so torn!
So off to Columbus for a weekend to clear my head and think things through.
Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Have fun!
    I think if you follow your heart you will do the right thing. I used to babysit in my home too. It worked out quite nicely for our family. Good luck! :)


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