Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Break!

Alright! The hubby is on spring break (me to incidentally), but my classes are fun book club like classes and writing workshops. His classes are a little more intense. I was hoping we could go somewhere beach like for the vacation, as was Bella, but the hubby really just wants some time at home relaxing and doing nothing. I figure a few days of that and he may be bored enough to head to Florida with me :). I've got plans this week anyhow. Tommorow is baby story time at the Library, and Wednesday is mommy-baby yoga. I'd rather go out of town at the beginning of the week but the end, but what can you do. The hubby needs a break. My idea of a break is sipping Pina Coladas on a beach somewhere, while the baby plays with sand in her cute cute swim suite and ordering room service for two to three days, his is sitting at home and sleeping in. Poor guy, Pharmacy School must suck really bad for you to be exhausted enough to skip the beach.

So I've been home hanging out on the couch with the hubby. I watched a few movies over the weekend because we had free blockbuster rentals. I watched Bride Wars, which was actually pretty terrible, Speak, which was good, but sad, and Where the Wild Things Are, which should have been called where the sad things are. Seriously, the movie was a sad sad depressing movie. The English Major in me loved it, full of symbolism and artistic stuff, and pretty music and visuals, but the people were sad. I know Max was dealing with anger in the book, but such depression?

I also read another amazon freebie called Primitive, which was about crazy hippies who kidnap a model and make her live in their green cult place and use the publicity to tell the people of the earth about the danger of methane.

It was exciting, but gruesomely descriptive, and personally I'm tired of hearing about the environment. I do my part to be green, but seriously, stop shoving it down my throat you know? Use all the money that's been poured into preaching about how we're the worst things that have happened to the earth and go save a rainforest somewhere. Just dial it down a notch is all.

So hopefully later this week I will be on a beach somewhere enjoying the ocean. Wish me luck.


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