Monday, March 8, 2010

I hate Dell

I forgot my anger at dell briefly, until I read this blog by momma such, and remembered I've told everyone in person about why they should never buy a dell computer, but I haven't fulfilled my threat to the dell company after my horrific experience with them two years ago by spreading the word online. Yes, I hold a grudge, mostly because my dell computer is broken, has always been broken, and they refused to take it back, fix it, or even answer the phone for hours at a time, keeping me in an infinite phone loop until I sent my mobile phone bill to them in response to a customer satisfaction survey.

Yes I hold a grudge, but I swore to them I would tell every person I knew and every person I would ever meet that they should never get a dell computer. I don't go back on my word.

I HATE dell. We used to love dell, my mom got a new dell every year for work for like five years in a row, and it was fantastic, but between 2005 and 2006 something changed (outsourcing?) and our last dell computer came to us with a broken fan, which resulted in a three hour long phone call before they finally sent somenone to fix it, the fan broke four more times that week! a bad harddrive, a non-working monitor, keyboard, and a faulty graphics card. Each problem meant hours of hold time and having people who couldn't understand me mad because I couldn't understand them. They tried to tell me they couldn't help because I didn't pay extra for help, and I told them the computer is brand new and has NEVER worked, send me a new one. They didn't, they just kept sending replacement parts, and the darn thing is still broken, but we waited past thirty days so tough luck.
I am NEVER getting another Dell again, and it has become my mission to warn every person I've ever met not to buy a dell. In fact that reminds me I haven't blogged about this yet, so I'll copy this response to my blog.
I'm an apple girl now :) They have stores, with people, that I can visit


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