Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So busy!

We've been super busy moving, but I have something I just have to blog about.
Mama-baby yoga, at athens regional medical center, is awesome. I just got back and am feeling GREAT and ready to start unpacking boxes!
In case I didn't say or wasn't clear, the water from our ice maker line in our old apartment, kept leaking to the downstairs apartment. They would complain, the apartment would fix it, and then it would break again. After the last fix, our downstairs neighbors moved... so no one to report leaks. Whoops!
They inspected the apartment prior to some new person moving in, and discovered major major issues with the ceiling, and in order to fix it, we were relocated, and upgraded to another apartment in the same complex. We weren't supposed to be upgraded, but the husband and I discussed it and decided the difference in rent was equal to what we paid to use the apartments washer and dryer, so we upgraded. I managed to negotiate rent down for the inconvenience and now we are actually saving money! It's more than our old one, but less than cost of laundry.
We were reimbursed for movers, so they got everything over here, now it's just a matter of putting everything away. Our couch did not survive the move :( It was DOA anyway, one seats been broken for awhile, but the husband was content to sit on a pillow, so we are making use of our seldom used love seat until it sells on craigslist, and our new couch (also from craigslist) is being delivered in two weeks.
It's pretty, its a brown leather like couch, its really vinyl, but its in great shape, and I can wipe it off when Bella spits up :D
Our washer and dryer is coming up soon, and then we will be done with the moving thing. We put a few things in storage because Bella is getting ready to crawl and when I babysit I don't want the kids to be cramped, so our coffee table, and some shelves that never really fit in these apartments after we moved from Sandy Springs are now out of the way. I wanted to keep them because they're so pretty, and one day we will have room for them.
I feel kind of bad for the husband. I get everything I want. I've been off doing new things, and we moved, and I got my new couch, and so on, and the poor guy has wanted a flat screen/big screen tv for SO long, and it's never even been debated whether we can get it or not.
It's too much, and our other tv works fine (unlike the broken couch) it's never been and will never be a priority :(. I wish I could get it for him, and one day I will. It would be ideal to babysit 40 hours a month to repay a little borrowed savings, pay for the couch, washer/dryer transport, and the difference in rent + storage, as well as some other expenses I'd like to take on. Once basic expenses are covered, and Bella is covered (baby gates, new car seat (love the old one, but she will outgrow it soon), convertible crib, baby sign language, maybe gymboree, things like that) then I am going to try to get him the TV. I'd like to get it for him for Christmas, or maybe his birthday, but I doubt it will happen. I've been saying I'd like to get it for Christmas or his birthday since 2005. Ah well, he will surely get it for himself once he gets out of pharmacy school.
In the meantime, I need to do something special for him. He's been so great, and schools been hard. Must think of something....

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