Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Kindle Books

A quick update: Bella had a doctors appointment and got two shots :( she is not very happy with me. However she forgave me after we went to story time at Barns and Noble this morning, and then went to get her bows and tights from Target (along with any bright starts pink toy I didn't already have for her) why bows? Because in the last three days, fifteen different people informed me that HE is a beautiful baby. WTH? He? She wears girl clothes, with pretty flowers on it. One woman looked right past her playing with her pink bright starts car seat bar and said how beautiful he is. If you don't know, say "You have a beautiful baby." Baby is a gender neutral word. Unlike HE.
Seriously, have you ever seen a more feminine looking baby?

I rest my case. Bows

Also I have spent an ungodly amount of time reading kindle books lately. (Take that BarnsnNoble! j/k I loved story time, even though I pretty much missed it thanks to the twenty minute wait for a bagel at the B&N cafe)
Kindle has a lot of freebies, they change week to week, so I'm doing a review on the ones I've read that are still free.
Here goes

My Soul To Lose: By Rachel Vincent
This is more of a novella, but it was awesome. It's a prequel to her Soul Screamers Series. Technically a young adult book (those are my favorite) this story stars Kaylee Cavanaugh, a sixteen year old who suffers panic attacks. The source of her panic attacks, creepy shadows that surround a person and give her the impression they are going to die. No one but her can see the shadows, and the shadows frighten her so badly that she can do nothing but scream and scream and scream. A shadow surrounding a young boy at the mall launch one of her screaming panic attacks, and consequently she ends up in an insane asylum. She spends the rest of the story trying to convince everyone to let her go home. She receives help from an unexpected ally who knows more about the shadows than she does.
The story was well written, and creepy. I, being the advertisers dream, purchased the next two books in the series after this. I can't say anything about them without giving away vital plot details, so just download the book. You don't have to have a kindle. You can download the books to desktop software, or to your i-phone or blackberry.
Serial by Jack Killborn and Blake Crouch
Another short story about two serial killers who meet up with each other and try to kill each other. I didn't care for it. Not much in the way of a plot, just gruesome descriptions. Also hard to care about either one being in danger when they both need to die... which was kind of the point, but it doesn't make relating to the characters any easier

Daring Chloe by Laura Jensen Walker
This one isn't free anymore, and man did you miss out. Awesome book about a bookclub that does adventures from every book they read, ending with them visiting Paris after readers "French Women Don't Get Fat." You have to read it

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
I've actually been wanting to read this series for awhile, so when I saw it free I jumped on it. The first in Kim Harrison's Hollows Series, features a world where vampires and shapeshifters, and fairies are common place, and not kept secret (yes, like true blood, but ever so much better)
anyhow, Rachel Morgan, a charms witch quits her job and ends up with a hit on her. She teams up with a vampire and a super buff pixie and starts a detective agency. First case: Find out who wants her dead.
Good story, good characters, will buy the next one when my bank account recovers from my bow, toy, and baby book buying today.

Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry
Andrea Hampton is a young business woman whose impractical grandmother and sister decide to open a bed and breakfast out of her childhood home. When her sister is injured in an accident, Andrea must journey back to her hometown and help her grandmother open the bed and breakfast. Someone is trying to stop them from opening the B&B, and vandalizing and threatening them at every turn. Can Andrea and her cute neighbor solve the mystery and save her grandmothers business and get her back to her business world?
An intriguing mystery, and written well enough to keep me reading despite my many problems with this book. So the main character is this fiscally responsible business woman who wants nothing more than to not get fired from her job. She is willing to help with the family business (new family business) and telecommute, but that doesn't stop judgmental neighbor boy from guilt tripping her every step of the way about how she puts her job before her family. Really? She visits often, talks on the phone often, and came when there was a crisis? What more do you want? Apparently for her to quit her stable job and help her grandmother on this risky business venture, cause thats what families do. Its like the opposite of all of those stories about the family that wanted their son to go into the family business but he really wanted to be a doctor, and everyone grows and learns that he should be able to follow his dream too. This wasn't just one characters opinion, it was the morale of the story. WTH?
Saving Sailor by Renee Riva
A very sweet and funny coming of age novel about an italian ten year old girl who wants nothing more than a southern accent, and her dog. For once a coming of age novel doesn't have to be sad. Read it, it'll put a smile on your face.


  1. I would love to get a Kindle. I may have to ask for one for Mother's Day. :)

    I know what you mean b/c my boys were always dressed in blue and had blue carseats and blue blankies and everything and people still would say she every now and then. You can't do anything about it when you have a boy though. Luckily you have the option to add a bow or headband, and I'm sure she will be so darn cute! I would love to see pics of her with her bows on! Remember, I have all boys, so I have to coo over everyone else's girls...he he! :)

  2. she's had bows on and people have still called her a he. You're right though, nothing you can do (except give your baby permission to spit up on them :D )


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