Saturday, December 12, 2009


I never realized how reliant Bella was on routines. She's doing great now that we're home. Slept straight through the night her first night home and has been doing great ever since. She's not been especially fussy, she's just been herself. While we were on vacation though, it was an entirely different story.
She was up all night, she cried almost all the time, and she was just this strange baby. I felt bad because I bragged about how quiet she was.
I think she was overwhelmed. There were to many people, to much noise, and she was being passed around to much. I'm thrilled she got to meet everyone, but I'm sad that it stressed her out so much.
Later this month we're going to meet his family and the situation will repeat itself. Hopefully she'll be a bit better adjusted for this second trip, but if she's not is this fair? Should I be making her travel when it so clearly stresses her out? Or is this just selfish of us?


  1. According to a book I read, babies thrive on routine 'cos they can't tell time.
    My sons (when they were babies) were the same too each time we traveled to my in-laws' place and I was so trying to impress them!!
    Don't let this stop you from traveling. When it gets too noisy, just take her to somewhere quiet and sing/hum to her. Works every time!!

  2. my girls also depend on routines too much..

    following via MBC...Hope you will follow back..

  3. Thanks :) I'm going out of town again next week :( I hope she does ok.

    Shraddha, thanks for the follow :) love your blog.


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