Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jacob Black

I saw New Moon twice while on vacation. My mother wanted to see it, and my friend wanted to see what all of her students were talking about. Mostly my friend just made fun of it while she watched it, which was a lot of fun (don't worry, we whispered very quietly, so as not to upset other members of the audience... except for the part where one guy said he saw nothing in Bella's head... we had to laugh at that) however she did enjoy one aspect of the movie quite a bit

There were many comments made about his appearence, and what he may be allowed to do to my friend, werewolf or not. In fact she talked at GREAT length about that the whole way home. Then... because I am a mean friend, I showed her this

Which came out the year after we graduated high school

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  1. Posh Kitty! You talked about the hubby and baby and everything. And that boy is legal in GA and not one of my students. So there.


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