Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Babies, Babies, Everywhere

Both of my former neighbors had their babies this week. Bella, my husband and I will be heading to Atlanta on Friday night for a Valentines dinner at the Melting Pot (we go Friday so we don't have to buy the $200 valentines meal) and drop off baby gifts quickly. I say quickly because I remember how much I resented anyone entering my space for any length of time during my first two weeks with my daughter. It was very confusing because I was also grateful, so we're just avoiding that altogether by taking a quick peek at the baby, congratulating the parents and moving on.
Bella will be with us, but I think she's going to stay strapped in her seat to avoid giving the new baby germs. Though is she old enough for that to be a concern yet? She played with some babies at the library this week and had a blast (well until an adorable six month old stole her rattle, and now she's super possessive of everything she owns) In any case, Bella will me meeting her future best friend, and future boyfriend ;) fun times


  1. Have a wonderful Valentine's dinner!

  2. Have fun at dinner! I hear the Melting Pot is super yummy, although we don't have one around here for me to find out for myself. :(

  3. thanks :)
    ah, the melting pot is awesome, if your on a budget just get cheese and chocolate, they're popping up everywhere, I'm sure you'll get one soon


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