Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor and Delivery

We got ready as fast as we could, it felt very surreal. The bags were already in the car. We just had to grab our phone chargers, deoderant, and tooth brushes and we were good to go. My husband took a quick shower and I debated the wisdom of changing out of my pajamas with leaking water, while calling the doctor.
In the car I sat on a towel in my comfy pajamas as we drove the hour and a half to the hospital. We talked for the first half the trip between calling family
members about how excited we were, and how very nervous we were about becoming parents.
I wasn't in pain. The contractions were growing less comfortable but it wasn't the screaming agony I was familiar with via the television.
Everyone I spoke to advised me to grab food and eat before I got to the hospital because they wouldn't give me anything once I arrived. We debated stopping for food but I really wasn't hungry, we had eaten a very late breakfast and i wasn't keen on waiting any longer to get to the hospital.
My husband kept bragging about how well I was handling the labor and I kept reminding him it wasn't to the bad part yet and he kept telling me it didn't matter he was still so proud.
We got to the hospital, filled out paper work, and checked into my room. I should note that unlike in the completely empty, zombie movie esque ER at 5:00 am, it took 45 minutes to get me in a room, whereas at this very busy metropolitan hospital in the middle of the day it took all of five minutes. Not that I'm bitter or anything.
My midwife and nurse came to introduce themselves, I can't remember the midwives name to save my life but my nurse was named Amy, and they were both amazing. They checked me and said I was at one centimeter and they could touch the babies head. The fact that they could touch the babies head completely blew my mind. It was 1:30, my midwife told me she was getting off at 7:00, so she was just going to watch and see how things progressed since I most likely wouldn't be having a baby on her watch.
They hooked me to a heartrate machine for the baby and a contraction monitor for me and checked in every so often.
For awhile it was really uneventful, we called family members, watched television, and talked. It's so weird, all this hurry to get to the hospital and once we were there it was kind of boring. At 4:00 my contractions started picking up in intensity and they gave me some pain relievers and a hot pad because i was experiencing back labor.
I got a new set of nurses (Lilly) and a new midwife whose name I can't recall at 7:00, and they saw I had made pretty much no progress even though I was in pain. It wasn't terrible pain though, still much better than I had expected.
They had to give me pennicilinn because I was group strep b positive and amniotic fluid to help boost the babies heart rate because hers kept dipping.
Finally they decided to give me cervitex or something to soften the cervex, that would take 12 hours and then they would put me on pitocin, and give me an epidural. They did the cervix thing,
Then gave me a pain reliever cocktail, and ambien to help me sleep.
Since it was getting late they told me I could eat dinner, then rest until morning. My husband got me mcdonalds, of which I ate two bites before deciding I was to sleepy and uncomfortable to eat and went to sleep.
I lost complete track of time after the ambien, I know each contraction woke me and felt like there was no pain killers working at all. I asked the nurse (new one, way too out of it to remember her name) if that was normal since whatever they has given me was supposed to be stronger than the first stuff they'd given me, and she said my doctor would be in soon to check me out.
When the doctor arrived I was in agony feeling a very strong urge to push, surprise surprise i was fully dialated and baby was ready to come out!
I don't actually remember getting the epidural. I think the ambien had me too drowsy to pay attention. I know I got it though, because for awhile the pain stopped. I could feel the need to push, and that was a very uncomfortable pressure, but it wasn't pain. Don't believe them when they say you don't feel anything with an epidural though, that urge to push is weird. It's not pain, but its unbelievably uncomfortable, and agonizing in its own way. It's not like television labor though, I didn't scream or cry, I just kind of wanted it to be over.
Pushing takes getting used to, you have to wrap your arms behind your knees and kind of bend while bearing down like you're going to the bathroom. My husband and a nice nurse held my legs for me and i pushed for 2 hours. It was hard, I could feel her head the entire time and aparently she was right there for about two hours but kept going in and out. They were concerned because her heart rate kept slowing and speeding up so they cut me a little. I don't remember it but my husband said I cried out when they did. I was just about ready to give up. I was so tired and it was so hard, I think I said something to that effect before trying just one last time and out came her head.
It's funny I remember my husbands reaction, he was so excited he kept saying oh my god! In a really excited voice as the rest of her body slid out. That's what it feels like, after the head it just kind of slides out.
There was a whole team of baby nurses on the other side of the room who whisked her away and gave her the eye droppers and everything she needed before handing her back to me.
I looked at her, my beautiful baby girl, and was just in awe. Everyone says they have the most beautiful baby ever, but I really do. She has a full head of hair, beautiful clear skin, and the most alert variable colored eyes (they shift colors right now) I've ever seen.
At 5:03 am Bella was born weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Welcome to the world baby girl.

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