Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate burping the baby

I love feeding the baby, I love how she curls up against me all warm and sweet, and that look of intense concentration on her face as she feeds and the way she moves her head like a zombie if she gets disconnected and the little noises she makes. It hurts sometimes, but after a few minutes she stops sucking, closes her eyes, let's go and falls into a peaceful slumber. And then I have to burp her. We've tried every position but none of them are what you would call unobstrusive. Bella ends up waking up and crying. Her pacifier never pacifies and she gets hungry again so we start the whole process over again.
The only thing worse... Is what happens if I don't burp her


  1. Oh I remember those days! I always hated to wake my little guys up. What is a mom to do? Eventually it does get easier. I nursed all 4 of mine (and am trying to wean my 17month old at the moment-night time nursings hard to break!) Good for you for nursing your little one! :)


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